December 14, 2010

Monster Truck Show, February 2010

We took our boys to a monster truck show in February 2010 in Lexington, KY. Beside Jack, is Troy's son. I don't want to put up pictures of his son because I don't have permission to do that. Anyway, this is my biggo kid, Jack. Beside him (you can see his feet), is Troy's son and then of course Troy. He has earplugs in and during about the middle of the show he jammed in one in his ear so bad that he used his keys to get them out, to which he looked like a true redneck. Like he could get anymore redneck than being at a monster truck show. We had a great time though!! We bought the boys those checkered flags. Jack still has his.

Funny thing, after this we went to Waffle House to eat. Our boys, who already said they were brothers, sat together. Without talking beforehand, our boys were dressed in polar opposties. His son's shirt was black with white long sleeves. Anyway, before our food came his son looked at me with a very serious face, all four of us stopped talking and he said, "will you be my stepmom?" Troy said that was my proposal. I, of course, said yes. Cutest thing evah!!

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